The Housing Infrastructure Services Company


HISCo’s objective is to deliver infrastructure that is holding up the delivery of much needed residential accommodation throughout the country, where there is no state funding available to deliver the infrastructure in question.

The Company provides a design-build-finance service for both on-site and off-site infrastructure that facilitates residential development.

HISCo will recover its investment via an Infrastructure Fee only payable on the sale or first lease of each individual unit.

HISCo, as a private Designated Activity Company, will operate on a fully commercial basis, targeting a commercial return for its Shareholders. HISCo will contribute to increasing the number of units, and the mixture of tenures, available to those trying to secure a home in Ireland.

HISCo’s Business Model is ideally suited to deliver infrastructure involving multiple landowners and to single-owner sites.

HISCo is a commercial joint venture between the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (owned and managed by the National Treasury Management Agency) and Cork County Council